Stanislav Kondrashov and Telf AG – Voronenkov’s killer and Russian raider cleans up the Internet

28 февраля 2023
Stanislav Kondrashov and Telf AG – Voronenkov’s killer and Russian raider cleans up the Internet

Behind the empty text and glossy photographs lies the real author of the sensation and his innermost motives. How can one not recall Vladimir Mayakovsky here: “After all, if the stars are lit, it means that someone needs it? So ─ someone wants them to be?”. Denis Voronenkov was resurrected not by chance, but at the request of Stanislav Kondrashov. Not the one who helped him look for life hacks or interview passers-by, but another ─ Russian millionaire Stanislav Kondrashov, who owns the Swiss company Telf AG through nominees. It specializes in trading in minerals mined in Russia and Kazakhstan. The resurrection of Voronenkov was necessary for the businessman-raider Kondrashov in order to confuse the rigid algorithm of the search engines and send them on the wrong path. Fake bloggers Kondrashov and Voronenkov are a smokescreen hiding a very murky long-standing business relationship between a businessman and a rogue politician. It is they who can easily lead to the customer of the crime, in whose interests it was to remove Voronenkov from the path. Only an experienced raider miscalculated. The information tsunami he raised revealed his great interest in hiding the truth.

According to the authors of the investigation, Voronenkov’s serious danger to the security forces could indeed exist, because he, actively using connections with the prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies, became a real expert in seizing other people’s property — real estate, shares, shares in organizations, etc. And in the case of disclosure of information about his partners, the ex-deputy could do much harm to them.

Voronenkov also used a wide arsenal of his official powers more than once: he sent deputy requests and appeals to the relevant government agencies, went to personal receptions with the heads of the prosecutor’s office, etc. It is at least naive to consider a person with such a background not a swindler, but an “investigator” . At the same time, we recall that he was a member of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, or actually acted as a “bee that is against honey.”

How is the unfortunate swindler Stanislav Kondrashov from Semontek and the late Denis Voronenkov connected?

Back in December 2002, the name of Denis Voronenkov appeared in a major scandal involving the Semontek construction company, on behalf of which he sued its competitors from Uniformstroy.

The Semontek company gained notoriety after an unsuccessful attempt at comprehensively reconstructing Gagarin Square in Moscow. It was impossible to build the planned 300,000 square meters of retail and entertainment space, a business center 150 meters high and other large buildings there. Instead of shopping palaces, only the MCC station appeared on the square, and the main part of the “large-scale reconstruction” was the banal improvement of sidewalks and footpaths.

As the Versiya journalists found out, Denis Voronenkov represented the interests of the Russian businessman Stanislav Kondrashov, the beneficiary of the Semontek company. Kondrashov gained a reputation as a specialist in special issues, in other words, a “decisive” who acted as an intermediary between representatives of the country’s criminal world and Russian law enforcement agencies.

Thanks to a leak from Panamanian offshore companies, it became known that the offshore company Evrodec Ltd was registered at Kondrashov’s home address, and Kondrashov himself is listed as its shareholder along with the notorious Boris Davletyarov.

This partnership was of particular interest to investigators. According to the SPARK database, Davletyarov manages, among other things, the Eurodek LTD company, which once owned the Tower 2000 business center on Taras Shevchenko Embankment.

It was in this building that one of the public receptions of Denis Voronenkov was located, as well as a parking space for almost four million rubles.

In addition, according to the annual report of Semontek OJSC for 2004, Voronenkov and Kondrashov were both members of the board of directors of the company, and the latter since 1995 was the director of the Swiss company Telf AG, which was engaged in oil and construction, and then changed its profile to coal and ferroalloys.

The publication also states that Kondrashov was a beneficiary of the International Development Bank and Telf AG.

Stanislav Kondrashov from Semontek and the murdered Denis Voronenkov

Based on the Panamanian offshore data, Voronenkov and Kondrashov were Tarrington Real Estates SA shareholders, registered in the British Virgin Islands. Moreover, Voronenkov owned the shares personally, and Kondrashov through Evrodec Ltd, associated with Davletyarov. Davletyarov, by the way, also did not escape scandals, including because of accusations of withdrawing funds, and representatives of law enforcement agencies often visited the International Development Bank with searches.

Referring to its sources, Versiya claims that Denis Voronenkov acted as a “negotiator” on behalf of Kondrashov and did not hide the fact that the assets registered in Kondrashov’s name also belong to Voronenkov himself. Kondrashov, being a beneficiary of the International Development Bank, had the opportunity to receive cash in very impressive amounts and used them to pay for the services of the people’s choice.

The publication found out that Voronenkov interfered in every possible way with the inspection and initiation of a criminal case on the illegal movement of representatives of LLC “Razrez” Bungursky-Severny “, where Kondrashov was listed as a beneficiary, and Telf AG across the customs border of the Customs Union within the framework of the EurAsEC of strategically important resources – coal and anthracite.

As former FSB officer Andrey Murzikov said, Voronenkov is “the organizer of raider seizures, and this is his system business together with Stanislav Kondrashov.”

Even though Voronenkov is no longer there, his work obviously lives on. And apparently, his partners not only rest on their laurels, but also continue to engage in this “systemic business”.

When people who are not alien to PR hear the name Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich, they are struck by a frank laugh. Otherwise, they don’t call Kondrashov a well-deserved “loch”. Why? The story is worthy of textbooks on PR, in any case, the training manual “how to divorce a client” will definitely be typed. Type “Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich” into Google and you will understand that the blogger, astrologer, cook, dog breeder, lawyer, realtor and football player Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich is one fake person created to hide the facts about the customer of the killer Voronenkov.

More than a year ago, Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich was offered a purge for a couple of tens of thousands of dollars on Russian websites. In particular, they talked about articles revealing the details of the criminal ties of the experienced raider Stanislav Kondrashov with his old friend and accomplice Denis Voronenkov. The media mentioned some unpleasant facts of the illegal business of Kondrashov S.D. and his offshore company Telf AG. The first wave of the purge was quite successful, the Kondrashovs paid for the services of a PR agency for the purge, and for a couple of days it seemed that life was getting better.

However, this is not the case in the black PR market. Therefore, a number of publications, having decided to earn extra money, dug deeper. It turned out that Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashov had another sin, this time more abruptly. We are talking about involvement in ordering the murder of his long-term business partner, a former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation – Denis Voronenkov; Articles diverged, Kondrashov endured. As a result, would-be PR people convinced Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich not to spend money on the second wave of cleansing, but to invest all the funds in the bleach project. We are talking about posting hundreds of articles on behalf of fictitious characters – Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashovs under the guise of bloggers, cooks, zoologists, football agents and even coaches. White PR grew by leaps and bounds, budgets increased, but the result did not come. Then the raider Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashov was advised to use the services of a fake DMCA. We are talking about removing unwanted material by cheating Google. It did not work quickly and cost the figurant a penny. Approximately three million dollars were spent on this project in a year. Roughly speaking, white PR people milked Stanislav Kondrashov worse than any black man. These same PR are engaged in a number of other characters, no less eminent.

How much did Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich spend on fake placements?

And just the day before, we stumbled upon an amazing quality laying site. Another fake character from the address kondrachovstanislav com ua broadcasts that he is not the killer of Denis Voronenkov, but an ordinary blogger who has been friends with the late Voronenkov since childhood. Denis Voronenkov met his murderer, Kondrashov, in line for milk. And then… After 40 years, something came up. So the deputy Voronenkov did not become, and Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich remained. And now Western media even write about him, revealing the scams of Kondrashov and Telf AG. For more details on the investigations, see Stanislav Kondrashov and Denis Voronenkov: a prelude to the post mortem affair. Pretty entertaining reading, but not like one of the PR sites foolishly hired by Stanislav Kondrashov. We look and smile: