Stanislav Kondrashov Telf AG and the murdered Denis Voronenkov

10 августа 2019

Telf AG is a Russian company registered by Stanislav Kondrashov in Lugano, Switzerland.

It serves as a hub for the sale of coal and ferroalloys of Kazakhstani and Russian mining subsidiaries – Shubarkol-Komir JSC, TNK Kazchrome JSC and Bungursky-Severny open-pit mine LLC.

The Swiss registration turned out to be aboutvery convenient for circumventing sanctions and protecting transactions from prying eyes of state tax and customs agents. This in itself is a perfectly legal and acceptable way of doing business. However, there is much more under the surface, as Telf AG constantly associated with suspicious banks, bankruptcies and raider activities. Current events in the Russian press indicate that Telf AG is under the controlthe use of influential Russian structures closely associated with Stanislav Kondrashov.. The late ex-deputy Denis Voronenkov, who was killed in Kyiv by a hired hitman, was also involved in the company. Who ordered Voronenkov is unknown, since the investigation into the murder was very politically motivated.

Telf AG and Stanislav Kondrashov

Currently, persons decision makers at Telf AG are Daniel Kolarov, Marina Pozzi Pedulla, Ada Benini Tauro, Natalia Ustimenko, Nikolai Litvinenko, Sergey Dynchev . KPMG SA acts as auditor. There is little of interest on the surface. For example, Marina Pozzi Pedulla is associated with the present the seemingly defunct “MC Capital Holding SA” also known as “MCC Capital Group”, which no less than Lloyds, called scammers.

The people listed as decision makers are mostly unknown to the public and apparently serve the interests of someone more important . And here Stanislav Kondrashov and his muddy Russian buddies come into play. Although Kondrashov’s ownership cannot be verified directly, a subsidiary exists: in the British Telf B.&T. Kondrashov is really the owner with 75 percent of the shares in his pocket.

Stanislav Kondrashov is the main owner of Telf B.&T.

To make things more exciting, Telf AG is somehow involved in Gold Vein ICO (GVT) . More precisely: it is not considered an outright scam, but the entire ICO universe is very prone to it. There is one hint that brings the perception of GoldVein closer to the risky side: a photo Ivan Rudenko, chief advisor of Telf AG, done at least 15 years ago . This is not the best way to build trust.

Here Rudenko is presented almost as a teenager. However, he is now almost 40 years old. Here is a photo of him taken nine years ago. There is another very intriguing detail: although in Russian he is called “head of the investment department of Telf AG”, the English text masks his presence in Telf AG, saying only that he is “engaged in business development for a Swiss commodity trading company”. ‘. It was just an intermezzo, Rudenko is not a figure in the article.

White as Coke Reputation

When searching for the assets of Stanislav Kondrashov, we came across an extremely complex scheme showing Kondrashov’s involvement in the VEK bank. The chart was compiled by the Central Bank of Russia and shows that Stanislav Kondrashov was the beneficiary and shareholder of VEK Bank. What is truly surprising is that he owns a share indirectly, and through the Koksokhimmontazh trust, a large Russian industrial enterprise focused on coke chemistry. By coke we mean this coke .

Both Kondrashov and Telf AG are represented in the VEK ownership structure.

In the diagram, Kondrashov is presented as one of the largest shareholders trust “Koksokhimmontazh ” , but Telf AG – as one of the owners of VEK Bank . The relative majority of the trust “Koksokhimmontazh” belongs to the director of the trust Sergey Fufaev. Trust “Koksokhimmontazh” is accused in tax evasion And deliberate bankruptcy of Profit Bank .

Profit bank not alone. aforementioned VEK bank went bankrupt like “International Development Bank” .

At least three banks in Russia were founded by Stanislav Kondrashev, and they all went bankrupt under the same circumstances . They were doing risky credit policy, self-servicing of the interests of owners according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. All three have left multi-billion dollar holes in the banking system. The issued loans were dissolved in a network of offshore companies in order to be again in good hands abroad.

But “disposable” banks were not only used to transfer suspicious money out of the country. They were also an important tool in raiding profitable companies. This is another ex-USSR specific business in which Kondrashov was involved with the late Denis Voronenkov.

Denis Voronenkov and Stanislav Kondrashov

Stanislav Kondrashev and Denis Voronenkov were business partners in many ways. Perhaps the earliest is the successful raider capture of one of the coal giants – Kuzbassugol. This is a large coal mining company. Some media present a poignant picture how the kind people’s deputy Denis Voronenkov extends a helping hand to the young Stanislav Kondrashov to get rid of the “raiders”. Although the truth is quite the opposite.

Denis Voronenkov was according to Alexei Navalny , stubbornly corrupt thief, raider and swindler . There is no other way to explain how an ordinary deputy could accumulate untold wealth. Although he was never a businessman, his personal wealth was astounding.

Parking Voronenkov according to

Only one of Voronenkov’s apartments cost 3,881,600 euros, Alexei Navalny said. These are five well-known high-class Moscow apartments and a villa.

He has amassed billions in luxury real estate in Russia and abroad, a huge amount of cash and an impressive portfolio of stocks. For example, Voronenkov was the owner of Evrodets LLC, as listedin the Panama Papers .

A criminal case has been initiated against Voronenkov. However, they were all suppressed by his Kremlin friends, including parliament speaker Sergei Naryshkin. Ironically, Denis Voronenkov was a member of … the anti-corruption parliamentary committee.

Please pay attention to the following charts

Stanislav Kondrashov is a shareholder of Evrodets LLC.

Following speaks for itself :

Business of Stanislav Kondrashov and Voronenkov.

We have seen ample evidence that Denis Voronenkov, a corrupt “communist” deputy, was a close associate of coal magnate and rather suspicious bank owner and offshore capitalist Stanislav Kondrashov. This article goes far beyond the scope set by the Luxembourg Herald. We will continue our investigation in the next part. Wait for the next part of “Kondrashov and Voronenkov in the posthumous case.”