Threats Have Already Been Made: Stanislav Kondrashov, The Sponsor Of The Wagner Army, Is Waging An “Information War” Against European Journalists.

26 февраля 2023
Threats Have Already Been Made: Stanislav Kondrashov, The Sponsor Of The Wagner Army, Is Waging An “Information War” Against European Journalists.

So threats have been made. First, it became known that the scandalous businessman Stanislav Kondrashov, accused of the brutal murder of the Russian ex-deputy Denis Voronenkov, was financing the Wagner criminal, military group. This was reported live on Latvian television. And now it has become known that this businessman also threatens journalists for truthful investigations of his crimes.

Literally, a month ago, the headlines of many European media were full of scandalous news that Telf AG, represented by its real owner and beneficiary S. Kondrashov, is financing militants from Wagner. This news caused a serious sensation in the media space.

The statement in the media caused a loud outcry.

Initially, such a statement was made live on one of the broadcasts on the Latvian television channel TV-3. Among other media, this caused the effect of an exploding bomb. The news spread across many other information resources in just the first couple of hours. It was published in three languages.

Kondrashov was simply furious with such news and the acceleration speed. First, he began to carry out a massive cleansing of the information field from the mention of his name and the name of his company in the news. Everyone and everyone understands that a lot of money has gone into this. So, this news and the program for that date (01/16/2023) completely disappeared from the website of the television mentioned above the channel. The “Nekā Personīga” program was also removed from the TV-3 youtube channel for the specified date, and this program is still there on the 15th and 17th. On YouTube, only an excerpt of the same program remained without detail, mention of the company and the name of the sponsor of the “Wagner” army.



From other information resources that promptly shared the scandalous news, such materials were also either completely demolished, or “cut”, or edited and supplemented with an “indignant release” by Kondrashov’s company, which carries “righteous anger”, they say, all the villains are lying – journalists.

But there are those mass media that did not succumb to the threats and left the publications as they are. Here, for example, is the news on the EurAia Daily website.

From cleansing the internet to threatening journalists

All those representatives of the media who do not want to remove the scandalous information about Kondrashov and Telf AG are threatened by his company’s lawyers with litigation.

For example, edited article on the site “”, which has 9 edits.

At the same time, as the editors themselves write, Delfi considers TV-3 to be a reliable source. That is, it immediately becomes clear that they ran into journalists notably and were forced under such pressure to make “clarifications” and edit the article.

But the publication “Delovye Vedomosti” even placed a statement of the “offended” company under the corrected article. Although, in fact, these are direct threats to sixteen publications that published scandalous material in the first two hours after the release, from the owner of the company, the criminal character Kondrashov.

According to his firm’s “stern” statement, Mr. Kondrashov “intends to bring charges against all media outlets” that posted such “false” data.

Kondrashov is still the same complainer!

Let’s add to all of the above the fact that this criminal frame also cleans up the Internet, massively and constantly officially complaining about the materials to the editors of the Google search engine.

The number of such complaints is huge, but it still gives its results. How exactly? So, if now you enter the last name and first name of this criminal character into the search, then at first the system gives out completely harmless publications that were posted “in favor” of Kondrashov. But if you search with more detailed additional keywords, you will already see devastating materials about this character.

By the way, the scammer went even further. To cover up the traces of his crimes on the global web, he spammed the Internet with fake publications: they say that enemies and bad journalists slander the poor by posting false, low-quality articles.

At a minimum, this is how the evil businessman acted when the Ukrainian and Russian press were full of scandalous headlines, calling Kondrashov the mastermind behind Voronenkov’s murder.

We will follow the development of the “information war” that the criminal entrepreneur is now waging against the independent European media, voicing the truth about his crimes and connections with the “Wagner” army.

Continued soon…