Wagnerites sponsor Stanislav Kondrashov threatens European mass media

28 февраля 2023
Wagnerites sponsor Stanislav Kondrashov threatens European mass media

After the recent scandalous headlines in the European media that Stanislav Kondrashov and his company Telf AG were sponsoring Wagner militants, the criminal businessman went berserk. He launched a powerful and costly press campaign, spending millions on it. But Kondrashov did not stop there. Now he is threatening lawsuits against the European media for daring to publish such “false information”, which is alleged to be “part of a criminal and targeted campaign of defamation and disinformation”.

Recently, the Latvian mass media have been filled with scandalous headlines. It turned out that the Swiss company Telf AG, which in 2022 was one of the largest coal exporters through the territory of this state, sponsors the Wagner criminal organization. The real owner of this shady business is S. Kondrashov, who is thought to have brutally killed deputy D. Voronenkov.

What Kondrashov is trying to hide, not sparing millions

A month ago, on the air of one of the programs of the Latvian TV channel TV3, they announced that Kondrashov’s company was sponsoring militants from the Wagner organization. Many mass media outlets snapped up this news, and Kondrashov’s team began an operational cleansing of the information field. First of all, the materials were removed from the source. The video of the entire January 16 episode of “Nothing Personal” has disappeared from the YouTube channel. The news was also taken down from the channel’s website itself. As a result, only a short story remained, posted in shorts on the Youtube channel “TV3”, where the name of the company “Telf AG” is not mentioned.

Then they began to clean up other information resources that managed to share compromising materials. Articles and/or videos were removed or edited and cleaned up from several sources. But some were not afraid or did not fall for the loot. Materials on such sites are still posted.

Recall what was said in that program edition on TV3 on January 16.

– The financial intelligence services of several countries have warned: to circumvent sanctions, Russia uses such countries of Central Asia, for example, Kazakhstan and others;

– Andris Maldups, representative of the Ministry of Transport: coal transit has increased the volume of railway transportation in Latvia fivefold. Active transactions in this direction were made by Kondrashov’s company Telf AG. It was among the largest coal exporters across the country in 2022;

– Paulis Ilyenkov, financial intelligence service: suspicions that Kondrashov, who is the real beneficiary of Telf AG, finances the Wagnerites, should become an alarm signal for the banking system of the whole country;

– The Latvian Customs Service has already initiated 180 criminal cases on circumvention of sanctions. The FIS received 274 reports from financial institutions about attempts to evade sanctions. The country has already frozen 85 million euros in the accounts of sanctioned characters.

Threats to European media

Now there is a stir around the statement that the sponsor of the “Wagnerites” Kondrashov threatens the European mass media. What kind of threats are we talking about?

As stated by Telf AG, all statements in the media and on TV are lies, which are “part of a criminal and targeted campaign of defamation and misinformation.” The following are direct threats to journalists:

“We intend to bring charges against all media that spread false information!”;

“We intend to investigate who is behind this targeted and illegal smear campaign aimed at damaging the business interests of Telf AG, S. Kondrashov and each shareholder.”

Currently, 16 mass media are known to be threatened by the criminal businessman Kondrashov with his scandalous company.

And these are only those who managed to post their materials literally in the first few hours after releasing the devastating material on the air. And how many more mass media outlets have accumulated this month that have published this information? Dozens, hundreds? Does Kondrashov’s company also threaten them? Why not? There is plenty of money because there is something to finance the militants – “Wagnerites”. And a lot of money is spent on filling the Internet with obscene and meaningless informational garbage. For what? To hide the virtual traces of their crimes.

So, for example, it was this method of cleaning up the information field that Kondrashov used when the media were full of headlines that he was suspected of murdering State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov.

And after such an information campaign aimed at blurring users’ eyes with nonsense, just so that the news about the murder does not fall out in the search, Kondrashov still claims some mass disinformation and threatens several European media with courts? Seriously?