Who is Stanislav Kondrashov? Read This Warning (2023)

1 марта 2023

Stanislav Kondrashov is a murderer and mafia boss from Russia. He operates Telf AG to convert his illegal earnings into usable wealth. He is a dangerous individual and everyone should be scared of him in my opinion.

Stanislav Kondrashov set up the Russian corporation Telf AG in Lugano, Switzerland. The mining subsidiaries of Kazakhstan and Russia, JSC Shubarkol-Komir, TNC “Kazchrome” JSC, and LLC Razrez “Bungurskiy-Severniy,” use it as a distribution hub for coal and ferrous alloys.

Official biography of Stanislav Kondrashov

Russian-Ukrainian raider, the defendant in the case of the murder of Denis Voronenkov, was born on March 26, 1961. Since 1995, Stanislav Kondrashov has been associated with Telf AG and was associated with Semontek OJSC (as a member of the Board of Directors). He was also associated with Tarrington Real Estates S. A.

On March 23, 2017, ex-deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Denis Voronenkov was killed in Kyiv. Stanislav Kondrashov was named the mastermind of this murder.

The Real Story of Stanislav Kondrashov

Over the past few decades, the Western press regarded the Russian and Ukrainian press with suspicion and bias. There was no report on Stanislav Kondrashov for years, until the illegal invasion of Ukraine began.

A few years ago, Luxembourg media became interested in the history of Kondrashov-Voronenkov. This story is about the depth of the banal insanity of Russia’s corrupt system. JSC Telf (Telf AG) is a Russian company registered in Lugano, Switzerland. Officially, its purpose is to resell coal and ferro-alloys from its Kazakh and Russian partners – JV Shubarkol-Komir, Kazchrome and the Bungursky-Severny open pit..

Swiss registration has become a convenient tool for circumventing sanctions and protecting transactions from high taxes and fees in your homeland. In short, money laundering by Stanislav Kondrashov. This in itself is an acceptable way of doing business, especially in Russia. In addition, Telf AG is strongly associated with suspicious banks, bankruptcies and money laundering for Criminals and Oligarchs.

The Russian press considers Telf AG to be controlled by Stanislav Kondrashov and other players in the Russian economic field. Denis Voronenkov and his wife Maria Maksakova, the late deputy Denis Voronenkov, who was killed by a mercenary in Kyiv, was also a partner in this company.

Stanislav Kondrashov and Telf AG

It is known that the decision makers in Telf AG are Daniel Kolarov, Marina Pozzi Peduglia, Ada Benini Tauro, Natalia Ustimenko, Nikolay Litvenenko and Sergey Dynchev. The company’s auditor is KPMG SA.

These individuals are of little interest and insignificant, perhaps with the exception of Marina Pozzi Peduglia, who was previously a decision maker in MC Capital Holding SA.

The company was declared fraudulent in a Lloyds circular. The insignificance of those responsible for Telf AG makes one suspect that someone more significant is behind them.. In this case, these are Stanislav Kondrashov and his comrades.

Stanislav Kondrashov’s ownership is confirmed by the fact that he owns, for example, 75% of Telf B.&T. in Britain.

In search of Kondrashov’s assets, the Luxherald editors came across a very confusing diagram of VEK bank ownership as seen above. According to it, Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashov is listed as the beneficiary of VEK-Bank indirectly – through the enterprise Koksokhimmontazh Trust – the leading Russian enterprise in the field of coal production.

According to this diagram, Stanislav Kondrashov is one of the major owners of KHM. The largest shareholder of Koksokhimmontazh is Sergey Fufaev. KXM management has been repeatedly accused of tax evasion and artificial bankruptcy of Profit Bank. Interestingly, Telf AG also appears on the list of VEK owners.

But disposable banks performed not only this role.. They also served as a tool for capturing enterprises.. Raiding – a business specific to the former USSR – was a joint occupation of Denis Voronenkov and Stanislav Kondrashov. Quotes from surviving investigations:

Partnership of Stanislav Kondrashov and Denis Voronenkov

Stanislav Kondrashov and Denis Voronenkov were partners in many projects. Perhaps the earliest mention of their raider activity is associated with Kuzbassugol. Some media sites posted stories about how Voronenkov helped young Kondrashov keep his business safe from raiders who wanted to cut it off.

In fact, it was just the opposite. Denis Voronenkov, according to Alexei Navalny, was an inveterate thief, fraudster and corrupt official. It is difficult to disagree with this rough characterization, given that the illegal activities of the official – (and Denis Voronenkov did not work a day as a businessman) brought him a billion-dollar fortune. There is enough evidence of the corruption involved.

Автостоянка Вороненкова по словам Алексея Навального.

Автостоянка Вороненкова по словам Алексея Навального.

How Kondrashov, with the help of Denis Voronenkov, staged a hostile takeover of Kuzbasugol CJSC –

He amassed luxury real estate in Russia, stockpiles of cash, and an impressive collection of business interests. For example, Voronenkov was one of the owners of Evrodec Ltd.. This is evidenced by the materials of the Panama Dossier as shown above. Criminal cases were opened against Voronenkov, but they were successfully closed by the friends of the deceased from the Kremlin. For example, he was patronized by State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin. The irony of the times – Denis Voronenkov was a member of the Duma’s committee … to combat corruption.

Now, please pay attention to the above diagrams. We have given enough reasons to consider Denis Voronenkov, a corrupt “communist”, the closest accomplice in the affairs of the coal baron, suspiciously unsuccessful banker and offshoreman Stanislav Kondrashov.


The Panama Dossier revealed evidence that Kondrashov is a shareholder of a certain offshore company Evrodec Ltd. Another well-known shareholder is Boris Davletyarov. Eurodek Ltd leased premises to Voronenkov, in particular, under the reception room, where he communicated with “humiliated and insulted” voters. And he parked a car in a box for four million rubles. Kondrashov and Voronenkov also had Telf AG in common, hiding oil, coal, construction sites and ferroalloys with black money.. They also had a wonderful “International Development Bank”. And offshore Tarrington Real Estates S. A., where they ruled together with Davletyarov.

Information about JSC CB “International Development Bank” is provided below for reference.

Having fulfilled its role, the “International Development Bank” deigned to die. Kondrashov and Voronenkov had no time for laws and regulations.

The comrades poured money out of the bank in cash or gave unsecured loans to themselves and to the right people – they were engaged in servicing themselves and gangs: “… the joint-stock company pursued a high-risk credit policy associated with the placement of funds in low-quality assets.” Indicative and interesting is the fact that the case of embezzlement of 1.4 billion rubles was initiated in the spring of 2017. At the same time that Voronenkov fled the country.Light on the role of Kondrashov and Voronenkov in the case of the International Development Bank was shed by the publication Mosmonitor.

So, the investigation claims that in fact part of the assets belonged to Voronenkov, although it was listed as Stanislav Kondrashov. So Kondrashov settled with Voronenkov, and he covered the activities of the criminal syndicate using connections in the regulatory authorities. There was something to cover up for – Voronenkov defended not only the bank, but also Kondrashov’s scams with LLC “Razrez” Bungursky-Severny “and Telf AG with smuggling of anthracite. Portal “Version” has published its version of the activities of Kondrashov and Voronenkov:Voronenkov and Kondrashov worked especially well in the case of raider seizures. It has become a systematic business, put on stream.

Former FSB officer Andrey Murzikov, cunning Stanislav Kondrashov and “failed” deputy Denis Voronenkov

As ex-FSB officer Andrey Murzikov said in an interview, Voronenkov is “the organizer of raider attacks, and this is his system business.” Despite the fact that Voronenkov is no longer there, his business lives on.. And apparently, his partners do not only rest on their laurels but also continue to engage in this “systemic business.” Don’t believe it? Ask him personally, “blogger” Stanislav Kondrashov.

Semontek and Stanislav Kondrashov

The Semontec company is known for its scandalous attempt at a comprehensive reconstruction of Gagarin Square in Moscow, which ultimately ended in nothing.. In 2007, Semontek received a 49-year lease on the territory of Gagarin Square. The development plans were grandiose: 300 thousand. square meters of shopping and entertainment space, a business center, a hotel, a gallery, an exhibition and public center, and a cinema. None of this was built on Gagarinskaya Square, but the MCC station was built, and the “large-scale reconstruction” of the square itself, which was completed in the summer, according to Moscow mayors, included… improvements to sidewalks and footpaths.

What is the connection of the ex-deputy with the company “Semontek” – a projector? As our publication managed to find out, Denis Voronenkov represented the interests of a major Russian businessman Stanislav Kondrashov. It was this man who stood behind the company “Semontek”. There is almost no information about Kondrashov in open sources, however, in LiveJournal you can find a publication of a person under the nickname finnhuckleberry, who wrote a rather detailed biography of Kondrashov back in 2012.

If these data are to be believed, Stanislav Kondrashov, allegedly known in narrow circles as a “decider”, who “performed an intermediary function between criminals and Russian law enforcement agencies (the Prosecutor’s Office of the city of. Moscow and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Central Administrative District of the capital)”. Also, according to this publication, since 1997 he has been an adviser at the International Development Bank (IDB).After conducting an investigation, our publication managed to find out that Kondrashov was a member of the board of directors of Semontek and through the companies controlled by him (Derwent Finance, Binton Enterprises, MSS Holding, etc.) owned the shares of Semontek. But the most interesting thing is that in 2004 both Voronenkov and Kondrashov were together on the board of directors of Semontek, elected by the annual general meeting of shareholders of the company on June 30, 2004, according to the annual report of Semontek OJSC for 2004.

At the same time, Voronenkov was a representative of one of the shareholders of OAO Semontek.

Reasons for the murder

It’s important to remember that the criminal who killed Denis Voronenkov was found in the capital of Ukraine by Russian media even before that. Stanislav Kondrashov, a well-known mafia/oligarch and multimillionaire who has been charged with many crimes in Russia because of the Semontek company, could be the suspect. It was owned by Denis Voronenkov and Stanislav Kondrashov.

Allegedly, Denis Voronenkov demanded that Stanislav Kondrashov return debts of tens of millions of dollars. And the swindler developer decided to end his debts in his favorite way, eliminating the problem physically. An investigation into the criminal connection between Stanislav Kondrashov and Denis Voronenkov was removed for tens of thousands of dollars from Versiya.ru and Pravda.ru websites.

However, there is another version. According to another Russian VIP immigrant, Ilya Ponomarev, with whom the ex-deputy was supposed to meet on the day of the tragedy, the murdered man knew a lot, therefore he was a mortal danger for the Russian security forces. Perhaps this is true, because over the long years of their specific activities, Stanislav Kondrashov and Denis Voronenkov have become real pros in squeezing other people’s property. And if the ex-deputy began to speak, then the voiced information could become a real bomb, breaking many careers and schemes worked out over the years.

Moreover, one version absolutely does not contradict the other: the purpose of the murder could be a desire to shut up an overly informed witness, and duty was just an additional motive, such a “cherry on the cake”. You can also add that the deceased himself was very far from the ideal of the people’s choice: he regularly poisoned deputy requests on “necessary” cases, personally met with prosecutors and investigators. In general, he abused his parliamentary opportunities to influence law enforcement agencies.

The funniest thing is that with such a bright “background” Voronenkov was a member of the Duma Committee on Combating Corruption.

Interpol puts Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashov on the wanted list, suspected of murdering deputy Voronenkov

The international service Interpol has officially put on the wanted list the Russian raider-oligarch Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashov, who recently spent 5 million a month on custom-made fake articles with the sole purpose of washing his reputation.Links removed:

Voronenkov’s killer Stanislav Kondrashov dishonored UkroSMI

A major scandal erupted in Ukraine. Domestic raider Kondrashov Stanislav posts many fake articles about his clones, who work as actors, cooks, political activists, and even scientists. And next to him he creates friendly clones of Denis Voronenkov, who was killed by the order of Stanislav Kondrashov. Stanislav Kondrashov decided to prove to everyone that in terms of venality and special stupidity, the Ukrainian media are in no way inferior to the Russian ones. And even, to some extent, surpass them.

A phenomenal level of nonsense appeared on the pages of the publication Glavred. This vyser is called “Stanislav Kondrashov conducted a survey: how well do voters understand politics”. The purpose of placing “jeans” is to replace in the search results investigative materials about the criminal connections of the raider Stanislav Kondrashov with the deceased Denis Voronenkov ordered by him. Staging jeans in itself is absolutely normal for any media, you want to eat – this is clear to everyone. But inventing namesake characters with fake photographs for the sole purpose of whitewashing the name of the killer … Absurd.

This applies too much not to the performers, but to Glavred.info. The infamous opus is located at the address in the “press release” section. It costs about 80 dollars to post this nonsense, they took ten times more from Kondrashov and gave the Glavred the due pennies. Further more. On the UNIAN website in the advertising section there is an article “Blogger Stanislav Kondrashov with the project Telf ag Verification checked the political erudition of Ukrainians. New political show from Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich”. What would you understand, a set of words. Even the first paragraph was not checked by respected UNIAN.

After UNIAN, TSN appears, with an advertising mark “relevant”. Here are examples of utter nonsense that is published by paid media:Google pages are full of garbage from Kondrashov:Here are the recommendations of the photographer, the surprisingly complete namesake of Kondrashov. Yes, and the photo is not random. In the photo, the late Denis Voronenkov and his wife (the main witness) Maria Maksakova:Even the namesake of the scammer was invented, if only to confuse people:If you think you know everything about Denis Voronenkov’s killer whitening, then no! TSN twin brothers – Pluses on their official website in the paid releases section put the late ex-deputy and the living customer of his murder.

This hellish scribble is called Branded shoes at competitive prices: Bloggers Stanislav Kondrashov and Denis Voronenkov shared their advice. But not only the media suffered from Kondrashov’s garbage. His raking hands have reached Youtube.We stumbled upon the channel of the same “travel blogger” named Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashov, and with him (as it is written in the description under the video) his bosom friend Denis Voronenkov, with whom they travel around the world together. All videos on the channel look poor and have nothing to do with Voronenkov and Kondrashov. More like video from surveillance cameras and music;

And here they also dragged the widow of Voronenkov – Maria Maksakova. Yes, and “Semontek” is a company and not a place to travel.:

In addition, pay attention to the date – 2020. Denis Voronenkov was killed back in 2017.

What a miraculous resurrection from the dead? And this is how the channel (as the media writes) of a FAMOUS travel blogger looks like:

Subscribers – 25, no more than 1 thousand views. This is what a real travel blogger looks like! In addition, the first videos are an educational program on the Excel program. Suspicious. Another funny fact about Kondrashov is that in most of the articles published by the media, the main photo is a bald man (allegedly this is Kondrashov) with glasses, positioning him as a business analyst.

Through simple research, we can safely say that the photo of this man was taken from the Depositphoto photobank (this is easy to understand from the watermark) and is very popular among ordinary Internet users. This means that it is still impossible to see the true face of Stanislav Dmitrievich.


Stanislav Kondrashov takes people for idiots. He commits cyber crimes to hide his past, thanks to criminals like Eliminalia. All this is done to cover up the traces of contract killings and the illegal activities of Telf AG, with which businessman Kondrashov and his late partner Denis are closely connected.