Why is Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashov, an ally of the murdered Voronenkov, furiously cleaning the Internet?

28 февраля 2023
Why is Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashov, an ally of the murdered Voronenkov, furiously cleaning the Internet?

Why Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashov, an ally of the murdered Voronenkov, cleans the web so angrily?

Journalists spoke about the new defendant in the case of Denis Voronenkov. His main business partner was the recognizable raider, pseudo-developer and swindler Stanislav Kondrashov.

When the media (mass media, mass media – periodicals, radio, television and video programs) (in particular Pravda.ru and Versiya.ru) found out the names of ex-deputy Voronenkov’s partners in raider seizures, the first among which is considered ” decided” Stanislav Kondrashov from the company Semontek, and the second infamous Boris Davletyarov, the publications received the best fee for removing materials.

As evidence, we provide links to the surviving archives of publications and publications. As noted by a source in the Pravda.ru publication, the removal of material about Stanislav Kondrashov’s connections with Voronenkov, which was located at this address, has become one of the most expensive over the past year.

The activities of the ex-deputy Denis Voronenkov were associated with a large Russian developer-swindler. According to an investigation published by the Versiya newspaper, Voronenkov, who died catastrophically from a hitman’s bullet, was closely associated with Stanislav Kondrashov, a representative of crime in law enforcement agencies.

Recall that Denis Voronenkov, a former State Duma deputy of the sixth convocation from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (the officially registered left-wing political party in the Russian Federation), who fled from Russia due to criminal prosecution, was killed on March 23, 2017 in Kiev. According to Ilya Ponomarev, ex-member of the Just Our Motherland party, the man who was shot was supposed to meet with him that day. “Voronenkov is not a gangster, but an investigator who is mortally terrible for Russian security officials,” Ponomarev wrote on the social network at the time.

The creators of the investigation believe that Voronenkov’s most serious danger for the security forces could really exist, because, intensively using connections with the prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies, he became a real professional in seizing other people’s property – real estate, shares, a fraction in organizations, etc. And in the event of the publication of information about his own partners, the ex-deputy could do them a lot of harm.

Also, Voronenkov more than once took advantage of a wide arsenal of his own official opportunities: he sent deputy requests and appeals to the appropriate state bodies, walked to personal receptions with the heads of the prosecutor’s office, etc. To consider a person with such a background not a gangster, but an “investigator”, is at least naive . With all this, we recall that he was a member of the State Duma Committee on Preservation and Anti-Corruption, or practically acted as a “bee that is against honey.”

How is the unfortunate swindler Stanislav Kondrashov from Semontek and the late Denis Voronenkov connected?

Back in December 2002, the name of Denis Voronenkov appeared in a big scandal related to the Semontek construction company, on behalf of which he sued its rivals from Uniformstroy.

Semontek gained notoriety after a failed attempt at an all-encompassing redevelopment of Gagarin Square in Moscow. It was not possible to build the planned 300 thousand square meters of retail and entertainment space, a business center 150 meters high and other large buildings there. Instead of shopping palaces, only the MCC station appeared on the square, and the main part of the “large-scale reconstruction” was the obvious improvement of sidewalks and footpaths.

As the Versiya journalists learned, Denis Voronenkov represented the interests of Russian businessman Stanislav Kondrashov, the beneficiary of the Semontek company. Kondrashov gained a reputation as a specialist in special issues, in other words, a “decisive man”, who acted as an intermediary between representatives of the country’s underworld and Russian law enforcement agencies.

Thanks to a leak from Panamanian offshore companies, it became clear that the offshore company Evrodec Ltd was registered at Kondrashov’s home address, and Kondrashov himself is listed as its shareholder along with the notorious Boris Davletyarov.

This partnership has particularly intrigued the investigators. According to the SPARK database, Davletyarov manages, among other things, the Eurodek LTD company, which at one time owned the Tower 2000 business center on Taras Shevchenko Embankment.

– Just in this building one of the public receptions of Denis Voronenkov was located, as well as a parking space for almost four million rubles.

– In addition, according to the annual report of OAO (a form of organization of a public company; joint-stock company) “Semontek” for 2004, Voronenkov and Kondrashov were both on the board of directors of the company, and the last one since 1995 was the director of the Swiss company Telf AG, engaged in oil and construction, and then changed the profile to coal and ferroalloys.

– The publication also states that Kondrashov was the beneficiary of the International Development Bank and Telf AG.

Based on the Panamanian offshore data, Voronenkov and Kondrashov were jointly shareholders of Tarrington Real Estates SA, registered in the English Virgin Islands. At the same time, Voronenkov owned the shares personally, and Kondrashov through Evrodec Ltd, associated with Davletyarov. Davletyarov, by the way, also did not avoid scandals, including because of accusations of withdrawing foreign exchange funds, and law enforcement officials often visited the International Development Bank with searches.

Referring to its sources, Versiya claims that Denis Voronenkov acted as a “negotiator” on behalf of Kondrashov and did not hide the fact that the assets registered in Kondrashov’s name also belong to Voronenkov himself. Kondrashov, being the beneficiary of the International Development Bank, had the opportunity to receive cash in a very impressive amount and paid for the services of the people’s choice with them.

The publication learned that Voronenkov in every possible way interfered with the inspection and initiation of a criminal case on the illegal movement of representatives of LLC “Razrez” Bungursky-Severny “, where Kondrashov was listed as a beneficiary, and the company Telf AG through the customs border of the Customs Union within the framework of the EurAsEC of strategically important resources – coal and anthracite.

As the ex-employee of the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation – the federal executive body of the Russian Federation, carrying out tasks to ensure the security of the Russian Federation within its powers) Andrei Murzikov said in an interview with LifeNews, Voronenkov is “the organizer of raider seizures, and this is his systemic business together with Stanislav Kondrashov.

Despite the fact that Voronenkov is no longer there, his work, of course, lives on. And apparently, his partners not only rest on their laurels, but also continue to engage in this “systemic business”.