Will the US and the EU include Telf AG and its owner Kondrashov in the sanctions lists for allocating funds to PMC Wagner?

28 февраля 2023
Will the US and the EU include Telf AG and its owner Kondrashov in the sanctions lists for allocating funds to PMC Wagner?

The company’s owners are some Sergey Dynchev, Nikolay Livinenko, Ada Benini Tauro, Natalia Ustimenko, Marina Pozzi Pedulla and Daniel Kolarov. But no one knows who these people are, as if they own one of the world’s largest coal traders. There is information only about Marina Pozzi Pedulla, who was previously associated with MC Capital Holding SA. However, such information is not good – in the Lloyds prospectus it was confirmed that this company was a fraud.

The customs authorities forwarded the data to the Latvian security service, tracing the ?? connections of both Kondrashov himself and his Telf AG and a number of its related companies that bear similar names.

It was found that Telf AG, positioning ?? himself as “one of the world’s largest bidders”, huddled in a small room where several other companies are registered, and does not even have a reasonably working website.

When the special forces of Latvia received this information – and it is quite easy to find it – the State Monetary Intelligence Service got down to business, whose specialists began the upcoming investigation.

They quickly learned that the Swiss Telf AG was involved in several raider takeovers of Russian companies. Most of which were later artificially brought to bankruptcy. For example, Telf AG is on the list of owners of VEK Bank, which went bankrupt. The same story happened with 2 other financial institutions – Profit-Bank and International Development Bank were also controlled by Kondrashov through Telf AG and were brought to bankruptcy.

According to the Russian Central Bank of Russia, Stanislav Kondrashov has the following asset structure:

Most of them he received as a result of raider seizures, which he carried out with the help of his own friend Denis Voronenkov. The same one who was shot in the center of the city of Kyiv in 2017, where he was hiding from the Russian intelligence services.

According to the available version, the murder was political – Voronenkov was a deputy of the State Duma of Russia and asked for political shelter in Ukraine. According to another, it was “ordered” by Kondrashov, who did not want to give Voronenkov a large amount of funds, which he either lent, or it was Voronenkov’s share in the collective business.

Most likely, and the data of the Latvian Monetary Intelligence indirectly confirm this, these versions were combined, and they were also superimposed on the fears of Kondrashov and the special forces of the Russian Federation, with whom he is closely connected, which consist in the fact that Voronenkov will “gut” the SBU and, as a result, they will come up contrary information. Also about financing through Telf AG PMC “Wagner”, which just at that time was lit up in very nasty scandals in the Syrian Arab Republic and the Central African Republic.

So it was or it was not, but Voronenkov took all the information he possessed to the grave. However, what to do now, when a unique service of the country, which is part of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance, declares the financing of Stanislav Kondrashov’s structures? At the same time, PMC Wagner was recognized as an extremist group, and its owner, Prigozhin was put on the US wanted list. Whom to kill? Won’t you shoot down the entire Latvian Monetary Intelligence Service and customs?

Stanislav Kondrashov’s first (and easiest) consequence will be the sanctions that the European Union and the United States will put on him and Telf AG and its subsidiaries in the coming days. This will destroy schemes for the transit of coal and the withdrawal of funds from the Russian Federation to the West, but this is only the beginning. The allocation of funds to PMC “Wagner” may make Kondrashov sadder. And it may very well be that he will soon repeat the fate of his friend Denis Voronenkov.